Luminary Flexographic Print Press 8 Colors Central Impression type

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    8 Colors Central Drum High Speed Flexographic printer from Luminary Taiwan


    • CI Flexo color:8 Colors
    • CI Flexo print width:800mm/width
    • CI Flexo speed:250 Meter/min max.
    • Flexo press type :Central Impression type

    Key Features

    Product Description

    * Helix gear transmission system to enhance precision of printing and low noise requirement. 

    * Easy operation of control panel independent of press also Integral with central impression press.

    * Horizontal throw-off by with PLC sequence control.

    * Closed chamber doctor blade system with air pump ink circulation system for even coverage and stabilization of ink.

    * Motorization for horizontal registration, vertical registration.

    * Motorization for anilox roll and plate cylinder roll throw-off also can be by manual.

    * Automatic temperature controller.

    * Micro adjustment for anilox roll and plate roll pressure.

    * Ceramic anilox roller as standard attachment.

    * Air jet drying system for each printing station.

    * Independent type AC motor for anilox roll for each printing stations.

    * Synchronized in/out movement for micro adjustment of printing stations.

    * A set of Unwind web position controller.

    * A set of Rewind web position controller.

    * A set of Unwind automatic tension controller system.

    * A set of Rewind automatic tension controller system.

    * All printing stations with air pump ink circulation system.

    * A set of Video inspection system with touch panel controller.



    • Model no.: LU_CI_RPM800
    • Number of color: 8
    • Printing area width: 800mm(max.).
    • Web path width: 820mm(max.).
    • Printing repeat: 350mm(min.)-800mm(max.).
    • Machine speed: 30m/min-250m/min.
    • Unwinding reel diameter: 800mm(max.).
    • Rewinding reel diameter: 800mm(max.).

    Printed material

    • BOPP
    • OPP
    • PETP
    • CPP
    • LDPE
    • LLDPE
    • HDPE
    • PP
    • NYLON
    • OPA
    • Aluminum
    • Paper
    • Cellophane
    • Plating film
    • Wrapping paper (According to real samples).


    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C


    • 8 Color CI Flexo press 250m/min