Luminary Membrane Bioreactor(MBR) waste water treatment equipment

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    Key Features

    Our MBR Compact System included a bioreactor and a filtration tank with MBR module unit. The submerged UF membranes retain all solids, bacteria and germ bigger than 0.04mm It is ideally for communities that expected a high quality water system with a small footprint, minimal installation and nominal operator attendance. The membrane filtration system along with all

    ancillary equipment included the permeate/ back flush filtrate tank, air supply system, CIP system, instrumentation package and integral control are supplied.

    MBR Compact package provides:

    * Self-contained modular water treatment plant with nominal capacities of 20~200 cubic meter/day

    *Compact with OCU (Operation Control Unit), pre-mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired

    *Factory assembled and tested to minimize installation and commissioning

    *Modular add-on packages available to customize as required


    *Reduce installation cost

    *Decrease on-site start up/commission time

    *Reduce overall footprint requirement

    *Low clearance


    *Water reuse and recycling

    *Ground and surface water discharges requiring

    *Pre-treatment for RO system

    *Municipal and industrial waste water treatment

    *Food and beverage applications

    *Pharmaceutical projects

    *Emergency response waste water treatment

    *Numerous applications for various filtration purposes

    *Military bases, school, parks, resorts and etc.

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