Luminary Single Facer

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    Key Features

    Luminary Corrugated Single Facer

    1. ModelLUMESF3Q

    2.The Effective Paper Width1800mm.

    3.Max. Machine Speed120 M/min.

    4.Flute Type

    (1) 1.1A Flute34 ± 2 T/300 mm, Teeth Height4.54.8 mm.

    (2) 1.2B Flute50 ± 2 T/300 mm, Teeth Height2.63.0 mm.

    (3)1.3C Flute40 ± 2 T/300 mm, Teeth Height3.53.8 mm.

    (4)1.4E Flute88 ± 5 T/300 mm, Teeth Height1.11.5 mm.

    (5)1.5F Flute125 ± 5 T/300 mm, Teeth Height0.760.85 mm.

    5.Pneumatic and electric controller be operated on a control panel.

    6.Upper corrugated roll diameter is 265 mm, controlled by air cylinder.

    7.Lower corrugated roll diameter is 268 mm.

    8.Upper and lower corrugated roll made by Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel(SNCM 439), internal stress released with heating process for hardness,precision grinding, the surface to be finished by Chrome-Plating treatment.

    9.Pressure roll diameter is 280 mm, controlled by air cylinder. Material is S35C (Carbon Steel), the surface to be grinding and finished by Chrome-Plating treatment.

    10.Glue roll diameter is 210 mm, the surface with figure engraving and Chrome-Plating treatment. The movement of the set controlled by air cylinder.

    11.Glue can be circulation.

    12.Glue doctor roll diameter is 100 mm, surface to be grinding and finished by Chrome-Plating treatment. 13. Adhesive pan dams is controlled by motorized to adjust the width when in use.

    14.Liner paper preheater diameter is 300 mm.

    15.Medium paper preheater diameter is 300 mm.

    16.Suction vacuum by upper type of suction device.

    17.Suction vacuum pump 25HP motor.

    18.Including steam rotary jointflexible tube and valve are high quality products.

    19.Including 1 set of control panel.

    20.Main drive device and motor are whole set design, running smoothly.

    21.Glue pan is made from stainless (SUS304), lasting and durable.

    22.Corresponding suction cover can raise suction capability, and reduce damage.

    23.Including 1 set of tools for change flutes.

    24.There is a function of easy change roll, and can match all types of flutes.