Luminary Solvenless Laminating Machine

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    • Application:Apparel,Beverage,Commodity,Food,Medical,Textiles
    • Driven Type:Electric,Mechanical

    Key Features



    1. General description—

    1-1 Larger diameter temperature control cylinder both on the coating and laminating stations.

    1-2 Transfer roller rotating at differential speed which optimizes the glue layer.

    1-3 The roll with a special rubber resistant to the one and two –component adhesives today available on the market.

    1-4 The drive is made by maintenance-free vector motor with encoder.

    1-5 Main function of control by touch panel human machine interface with program logic control system.

    2. Main technical data--

    Model no.: LU_SOLA-1400

    Coating area width: 1400mm(max.).

    Web path width: 1420mm(max.).

    Machine speed: 30m/min-350m/min.

    Unwinding reel diameter: 1000mm(max.).

    Rewinding reel diameter: 1000mm(max.).

    Power: voltage, phase and hertz(different power by demand).

    Color of machine: white and black, (different color available by customer demand).

    Security rule: C.E. standard (by customer demand).

    3. Kinds of material--

    3-1 BOPP

    3-2 PETA

    3-3 CPP

    3-4 LDPE, LLDPE

    3-5 O-NYLON

    3-6 AL-FOIL

    3-7 PAPER

    3-8 CAST PP

    3-9 CAST PA

    3-10 OP(According to real samples).

    4. Machine composition--

    4-1 Unwinder(primary)1st unwinder-

    4-1-1 Single reel fixing type(with EPC).

    4-1-2 Powder brake with tension auto. control by load-cell. shaft system max. 1000mm.

    4-1-3 Shaft unwinders and rewinder. this innovative system contributes significantly to make to shorter and more comfortable to change of reels.

    4-1-4 Moreover, they includes web guides with ultrasonic sensor detection and electro magnetic brakes to get a perfect automatic web tension controller.

    4-2 Unwinder(secondary) 2nd unwinder-

    4-2-1 Single reel fixing type unwinder.

    4-2-2 Magnetic particle powder brake with automatically tension controller.

    4-2-3 Shaft system 3” to 6” it depends on job change available.

    4-2-4 Automatic edge position by hydraulic, remnant ink transfer to film, keep clean on plate (cliche’), and then plate cylinder release automatic.

    4-3 Solvent-less coating unit-

    4-3-1 Four roll coating system + removing cylinder.

    4-3-2 Two chrome-plated metering rollers driving AC vector motor independent adjustment speed.

    4-3-3 Metering rollers are with auto. temperature controller by warm water or hot oil circulation.

    4-3-4 Throw-off of application roller when machine stop.

    4-3-5 Chromed rollers one is fixed turn one way by hand available. Another one carry the adhesive to transfer rubber roller. Teflon rubber plates installed to limit the adhesive in the suitable width both end micro adjustment of pressure.

    4-3-6 Transfer rubber roller operation by pneumatic cylinder up and down adjustment pressure. driven by flexible coupling.

    4-3-7 Application roller by independent motor to control different speed.

    4-3-8 Transfer roller fixing unit with one way bearing to turn by hand. Both side end with forward and backward via advertisement for more evenly adhesive transferring.

    4-3-9 Rubber impressed roller pneumatic cylinder up and down. Both side with individual pressure regulators and indicators to adjust suitable pressure.

    4-3-10 Two components metering and mixing system Europe made. A.B tank and pump.

    4-4 Rewinder-

    4-4-1 Pneumatically rubber out-feed roller.

    4-4-2 Chrome plated driven via motor.

    4-4-3 Single rewinder reel position adjustment by motor.

    4-4-4 Max. dia. max. 1000mm.

    4-4-5 Auto. tension controller via. load cell.

    4-4-6 Shaft system.

    4-4-7 Automatic edge position by hydraulic

    5. Power consumption—

    5-1 Total requirement: 30kw(approx.)

    5-2 Main motor: 7hp

    5-3 Other motor: 3hp

    5-4 Exhaust blower: 1hp

    5-5 Tension controller: 400w*2

    5-6 Web position controller: 800w*2 All above consumption for reference only.

    6. Options--

    6-1 Rubber roll

    6-2 A&B materials for mixer

    6-3 CE marking or other standard certificate

    6-4 Heater

    6-5 Trolley for changing rubber roll one set

    6-6 Shaft-less for unwind and rewind-

    6-7 Air compressor

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:DA ,TT ,L/C


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